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What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Care Creates the Best Smiles!

Orthodontics is more than straightening teeth: it’s helping each person achieve lasting, optimal oral health, and improving people’s self-esteem and the confidence with which they move through the world.

Dr. Joseph Lohner and our orthodontic team have dedicated our professional lives to helping our Sparta and Vernon friends and neighbors change their lives. We offer advanced orthodontic care, and use leading-edge techniques, so treatment is tailored to each person’s specific situation.

We reject the idea of cookie-cutter orthodontics. Here, we see and care for you as a whole person, not just someone with improperly aligned teeth. We’re respectful of you as an individual and deliver truly personalized care that works for your clinical and personal needs.

It’s All About Teamwork!

Our experience has shown the best orthodontic treatment, most amazing results, and happiest patients start and end with teamwork. You must be an active, excited participant in all parts of your orthodontic journey, starting with your complimentary consultation.

At your consultation, we’ll show you around the office and introduce you to everyone. Then we’ll sit and talk: asking about your treatment desires, concerns, and life and hobbies, too. It’s essential that we understand what’s happening in order to find the best approach to creating your new smile.

You’ll meet with Dr. Lohner and he’ll examine your mouth, dentition, and facial structure, review your health history, and talk more about treatment. Then he’ll develop your personal orthodontic plan. We’ll walk you through the plan, and explain what’s involved at each step, what you’ll need to do, and your options.

We’ll also review financing and insurance matters and answer all your questions. By the end of your consultation, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about treatment. If Dr. Lohner thinks now is not the right time to start, he’ll say so!

Throughout your orthodontic journey, we’ll keep you updated on the progress you’re making, and provide encouragement and support. We want you to be excited about changing your life with a new smile. The day you finish, and you see all you’ve achieved, we’ll be celebrating your incredibly beautiful and healthy smile with you!

Amazing Smiles at Any Age

Dr. Lohner offers early orthodontic treatment and emphasizes care options that preserve children’s natural teeth. He prefers to avoid extractions whenever possible!

He also offers a range of aesthetic, “invisible” treatment options for adults, including clear aligners and braces. These enable busy professionals to achieve their best smile and to do so without anyone knowing they’re undergoing treatment. If you’re an adult who’s longing for a beautiful smile, we can help!

What makes our practice unique?

  • Most appliances are custom-made for our patients in our practice’s in-house lab, allowing you to begin your treatment as soon as possible.
  • Our practice utilizes up-to-date technology including digital imaging, online access to records, appointment information, and account information, and email and text message communication. 
  • Our schedule days and hours rotate between our two office locations, offering you the convenience of choosing the location closest to you.
  • The entire team lives here in Sussex County and we have raised our families here. Someone is always on-call and available to handle after-hour emergencies.
  • Our treatment and financial coordinators are experts in managing flexible payment arrangements and making sure you receive your maximum insurance benefit.
  • Para la conveniencia de nuestros pacientes hablamos español, nuestro personal es bilingue.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

The first step toward a lifetime of beautiful smiles is a consultation with Dr. Lohner. Call our Sparta or Vernon, NJ orthodontic office and schedule yours today!


  • “Dr. Lohner is awesome and his staff is great! We always felt welcomed at the office and everyone is always so friendly! Highly recommend him and his staff! Thank you for Jaylan’s beautiful smile!”

    Lourdes V.

  • “The staff went above and beyond! More than generous in working out fees. We are over the moon with treatment results! What a difference from where my daughter started. Wonderful staff and personal attention – it’s been the best experience!”

    Leslie R.

  • “Well organized, well-run office. Everyone is very nice. We like the raffles, and the magic show made it fun! Keep up the good work!”

    Jennifer C.